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ESC Electronics Corp., one of the early pioneers in delay line specialization, with over three decades of technological achievements in the manufacture and design of delay lines, has earned the reputation as "the world's leader" in the delay line industry.

Only ESC offers a comprehensive selection of delay lines covering delay times ranging from pico-seconds to the millisecond region. These are achieved through our technical staff's many years of experience in incorporating advanced design techniques yielding efficient designs minimizing the number of components. Our expertise is complimented by the latest state-of-the-art test equipment enabling evaluation and measurements of delay time, group delay, phase and amplitude response from 100 Hz to 1.5 Ghz. The equipment is all computer controlled allowing 100% testing of all parameters in production quantities and supplying comprehensive read-out data when required.

ESC is an approved supplier for many computer manufacturers and is also approved for a wider range of military programs including sonars, missiles, satellites and the space shuttle. To meet the high standards of quality and reliability detailed baseline documentation is generated, maintained, periodically audited and updated as required by changing techniques. A detailed Quality Control Manual is maintained by our Q.C. department and is available to our customers' Q.C. personnel. In addition, ESC adheres to MIL-I-45208 and to MIL-Q-9858 when required by the program.

Many of the materials, procedures and controls that are employed on our military lines are incorporated into our commercial grade of delay lines where applicable. ESC's goal is to continue to strive for higher levels of reliability. This is achieved by a continuing program of Q.A. testing of our commercial products. This program consists of performing the following quarterly tests:

  1. Temperature cycling - per MIL-STD-202 M107 - TCA1
  2. Accelerated life testing - 2000 hrs. at + 150°C
  3. DPA (performed semi-annually)Accumulated data on this testing program is available to customers upon request.

ESC is a recognized supplier of delay lines to the current MIL-D-83531 and 83532. The company is also an active supplier of the DESC series of standard delay line drawings.